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The Internet is Great, but Very Spread Out

Knowing how to use the internet has become a more complex and confusing skill as the amount of information available, while vast, is being continually segregated into specific websites for specific information. The different agencies in each state are moving service online, which is wonderful for paper reduction, provided the employer isn't required to print and wet sign any forms, reports, or returns. At the same time, the agencies, because they have state autonomy, can call the website, the forms, the reports and the information whatever it is that suits their needs. Each agency that moves online, and each new process that is moved online, brings with it a new level of online searching skill for those individuals who have the time to spend combing through each agency's website and extracting the necessary information to maintain employer compliance.

Wages Creek founder, Christine Stolpe, CPP, has taken care of doing all of this research and put it all together in one place. Partnering with a new online platform developer, Christine has built a database of all of the relevant payroll information for each state and territory in the United States. The database is updated as new rules or rates are announced and sends notifications of the updates. While this is not a new concept, Christine is vested in making this tool as user friendly as possible and welcomes feedback from potential new users.

Please connect with us if you are interested in a subscription.

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